What Is a Term Paper? Academic Writing Manual

“What is a term paper?” This is the query that lingers in the minds of newbies who join universities or colleges. A college term paper is the final original document each student comes up with at the end of the term. University students have to contend with term papers once they enroll for their bachelor’s degrees. Depending on the number of units you select per semester, you may have to work on several term papers at a given time.

Term Paper vs. Research Paper

During your learning period, you will encounter these two terms. And while they both require some level of research, there is a significant difference between the two. In case you are speculating, “What is the difference between a term paper and a research paper, here you go.

  • Term paper

It is done every term by all students to ascertain that they have grasped certain concepts in their semester units. Students can handle more than one term paper every semester since they do not require in-depth research. The scope of work is limited, and you are only allowed to write a few pages of the task. As such, you can only use a few books and journals.

  • Research paper

When it comes to research papers, the lecturer can assign you one any time. And the deadline is never pegged to the end of a term. A research paper is much longer and dense in regards to research methodologies. A lot of time, effort, and resources are dedicated to completing this document. This paper has more sections to it, such as the introduction, literature review, the methodology used, recommendations, a conclusion, appendix, as well as a reference section.

In a nutshell, the length, research methods, and time spent in the research are the main differences in the two literature documents.

How do you write a term paper?

Writing a term paper is an easy task. You only require a term paper outline then begin researching on your topic. Here are the most key components of a final paper, which you need to have before starting to work on your essay.

  • An introduction
  • The term paper body
  • Conclusion
  • References

You need to elaborate on each of these subsections for you to come up with a complete paper. Take time to aspects required when it comes to learning how to write a term paper. Looking through your school’s library will give you a variety of options to peruse through for this purpose. For you to achieve success in writing a term paper, the following process should be followed.

  1. Select a topic – you can choose one that suits your preferences as long as it resonates with what you have learnt within the semester. Narrow down to an achievable scope to reduce the amount of work you will have to endure.
  2. Find research material – make use of journals, textbooks, magazines, and other academic literature to source for information for the term paper.
  3. Draft an outline – make a term paper format to guide your writing process. Take a look at a written paper example to familiarize yourself with this writing niche.
  4. Chose your information – read through the books then pick what you deem to be useful. Ensure that you have a term paper sample with you to guide you if you are new to scholarly writing.
  5. Write the proposal draft – your lecturer has to approve your task, so you need to write a term paper abstract for reviewing. For more information on this, search for “what is a term paper abstract” to get more details.
  6. Write the paper – after approval, you can begin writing the essay. In case this task proves to be hard, look for competent helpers to aid you in writing.
  7. Review and add the cover page – you have to submit an error-free paper if you want to score significant marks. Use grammar checkers for this segment. Finally, include the cover page for identification purposes.

Anyone who requires a deeper understanding of “what is a term paper”, should scroll through several books and journals that elaborate more on this topic. Also, make friends with older students who will help you settle into writing term papers quickly.


The internet is not short of free term papers topics that you can choose from. Just modify the idea to come up with a unique topic. Ensure that you know what a term paper definition is to avoid doing the wrong work. More so, get acquainted with how to start a term paper to make the process smooth. Take time to research on the topic so you can come up with top-notch content. And in case you get caught up in events, do not stress yourself. Term papers online writers are ready to begin your task immediately. You only have to give the authorization, and they will be on it.

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