Discover What Are Good Topics for a History Research Paper

Ranging from tough topic selection to no free time, poor writing skills to various editing issues, various issues can complicate your history research paper. As such, you must select a topic that you are well placed to handle with the resources at your disposal.

Unfortunately, poor topic selection may result in hours of wasted time trying to exhaust your argument. Conversely, a broad topic could challenge you in covering your argument without exceeding your provided word count.

How should I select a good topic for a research paper with these challenges? Although the journey to topic selection is filled with various pitfalls, this article will highlight tips for overcoming the struggle of topic selection and quickly managing your paper.

Tips for selecting history research paper topics

Although each field offers a plethora of topics at your disposal, selecting a topic at random is not a great approach for your paper. You must consider various aspects of the topic before making your final selection. Some of the tips for selecting a topic for your research paper are:

  1. Select a topic that interests you. Your interest offers you the impetus to analyze various angles of your paper, thus presenting a quality argument worthy of a decent score.
  2. Choose a topic you are somewhat familiar with as this makes the research process easier.
  3. Narrow your selection to a specific idea to exhaust your topic in the provided word count. 
  4. Begin your writing process by researching your topic. This stage will allow you to unveil multiple perspectives from which you can approach your topic and determine the topics that are already exhausted. 
  5. Consult the guidelines provided by your tutor to establish the theme of your paper and the keywords to guide your research efforts. 

What are good topics for a history research paper?

A good topic for a history research paper should be:

  • Easy to handle
  • Within the confines of your research paper question
  • Interesting 
  • Focused on a specific idea that can be exhausted within the prescribed word count
  • Unique to avoid redundancy of ideas that were previously tackled by other researchers

Unique history research paper ideas

Having established the approach for selecting the topics for a history research paper, we thought it best to offer some topic ideas to guide your selection. 

Ancient history research paper topics

  1. The police force in ancient Rome 
  2. Ancient Greek religion and philosophy 
  3. Ancient Rome’s science and technology 
  4. Chinese technology from the past 
  5. In ancient Greece, voting was done differently. 
  6. The ascent to power of Alexander the Great 
  7. The comparison of ancient Greek and Roman music 
  8. Ancient history’s largest army 
  9. Mesopotamian Civilizations Major Mesopotamian Civilizations 
  10. Ancient Greece’s Slavery 
  11. Euclid geometry’s fundamental principles and concepts 
  12. Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt have a lot in common. 
  13. The earliest barbarian kingdoms 

Best history research paper topics

  1. Why did the American people wait so long to elect an African-American president? 
  2. The Abolition Of Slavery’s Causes And Effects 
  3. The Impact Of The American Revolution On The World 
  4. Why do people continue to commemorate Black History Month when it should be an inextricable element of American culture? 
  5. The Industrial Revolution’s Positive and Negative Effects 
  6. The Deadliest Wars In Human History 
  7. What impact did the American Civil Rights Movement have on global race relations? 
  8. What was George Washington Carver’s contribution to American history? 
  9. Why Did the United States Drop Nuclear Bombs On Japan During WWII? 
  10. What were the main causes for the United States’ engagement in Vietnam? 
  11. Explain what the United States had to give up after employing nuclear weapons. 

Easy history research paper topics

  1. Weapons are used for the first time in Europe. 
  2. The most important events in medieval Europe 
  3. Mussolini’s political ascension 
  4. Napoleon’s Rise and Fall in France, 1804–1815 
  5. The all-time most powerful army 
  6. The Conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great: Victory Strategies 
  7. The establishment of a financial system 
  8. Gothic architecture’s main features 
  9. Religious motifs in Leonardo da Vinci’s work 

History research paper topics for college students

  1. The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. 
  2. Whose rights are being revoked? 
  3. What function do amendments play in American constitutional change? 
  4. Nicholas Cusa and his contributions to the field of medieval studies 
  5. What was the significance of African Americans in the revolution? 
  6. Was World War II helpful in alleviating the effects of the Great Depression? 
  7. Discuss the significance of the American victory at the Battle of the Great Bridge. 

US history research paper topics

  1. The Great Depression was a period of economic hardship. 
  2. The Conquistadors and the Effects of Spanish Rule in the Americas 
  3. Did Parliament have the authority to regulate colonial trade? 
  4. What was the role of American nationalism in the Civil War? 
  5. The Middle Passage and the genesis of slavery in British America
  6. The influence of the Monroe theory on US foreign policy 
  7. Causes and Consequences of the Great Northward Migration 

World History Research Paper topics

  1. The emergence and evolution of urban states during the Middle Ages 
  2. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. 
  3. Is it true that the most contentious topic in the constitution is inscribed in the document? 
  4. The world’s most powerful kings in the eighteenth century 
  5. Feudalism’s Rise and Fall in Europe 
  6. The Huns’ First European Invasion 
  7. What triggered World War I?

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