best research tips & paper writing strategies Fri, 29 Apr 2022 14:40:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Discover What Are Good Topics for a History Research Paper Thu, 28 Apr 2022 10:18:46 +0000 Continue reading]]> Ranging from tough topic selection to no free time, poor writing skills to various editing issues, various issues can complicate your history research paper. As such, you must select a topic that you are well placed to handle with the resources at your disposal.

Unfortunately, poor topic selection may result in hours of wasted time trying to exhaust your argument. Conversely, a broad topic could challenge you in covering your argument without exceeding your provided word count.

How should I select a good topic for a research paper with these challenges? Although the journey to topic selection is filled with various pitfalls, this article will highlight tips for overcoming the struggle of topic selection and quickly managing your paper.

Tips for selecting history research paper topics

Although each field offers a plethora of topics at your disposal, selecting a topic at random is not a great approach for your paper. You must consider various aspects of the topic before making your final selection. Some of the tips for selecting a topic for your research paper are:

  1. Select a topic that interests you. Your interest offers you the impetus to analyze various angles of your paper, thus presenting a quality argument worthy of a decent score.
  2. Choose a topic you are somewhat familiar with as this makes the research process easier.
  3. Narrow your selection to a specific idea to exhaust your topic in the provided word count. 
  4. Begin your writing process by researching your topic. This stage will allow you to unveil multiple perspectives from which you can approach your topic and determine the topics that are already exhausted. 
  5. Consult the guidelines provided by your tutor to establish the theme of your paper and the keywords to guide your research efforts. 

What are good topics for a history research paper?

A good topic for a history research paper should be:

  • Easy to handle
  • Within the confines of your research paper question
  • Interesting 
  • Focused on a specific idea that can be exhausted within the prescribed word count
  • Unique to avoid redundancy of ideas that were previously tackled by other researchers

Unique history research paper ideas

Having established the approach for selecting the topics for a history research paper, we thought it best to offer some topic ideas to guide your selection. 

Ancient history research paper topics

  1. The police force in ancient Rome 
  2. Ancient Greek religion and philosophy 
  3. Ancient Rome’s science and technology 
  4. Chinese technology from the past 
  5. In ancient Greece, voting was done differently. 
  6. The ascent to power of Alexander the Great 
  7. The comparison of ancient Greek and Roman music 
  8. Ancient history’s largest army 
  9. Mesopotamian Civilizations Major Mesopotamian Civilizations 
  10. Ancient Greece’s Slavery 
  11. Euclid geometry’s fundamental principles and concepts 
  12. Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt have a lot in common. 
  13. The earliest barbarian kingdoms 

Best history research paper topics

  1. Why did the American people wait so long to elect an African-American president? 
  2. The Abolition Of Slavery’s Causes And Effects 
  3. The Impact Of The American Revolution On The World 
  4. Why do people continue to commemorate Black History Month when it should be an inextricable element of American culture? 
  5. The Industrial Revolution’s Positive and Negative Effects 
  6. The Deadliest Wars In Human History 
  7. What impact did the American Civil Rights Movement have on global race relations? 
  8. What was George Washington Carver’s contribution to American history? 
  9. Why Did the United States Drop Nuclear Bombs On Japan During WWII? 
  10. What were the main causes for the United States’ engagement in Vietnam? 
  11. Explain what the United States had to give up after employing nuclear weapons. 

Easy history research paper topics

  1. Weapons are used for the first time in Europe. 
  2. The most important events in medieval Europe 
  3. Mussolini’s political ascension 
  4. Napoleon’s Rise and Fall in France, 1804–1815 
  5. The all-time most powerful army 
  6. The Conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great: Victory Strategies 
  7. The establishment of a financial system 
  8. Gothic architecture’s main features 
  9. Religious motifs in Leonardo da Vinci’s work 

History research paper topics for college students

  1. The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. 
  2. Whose rights are being revoked? 
  3. What function do amendments play in American constitutional change? 
  4. Nicholas Cusa and his contributions to the field of medieval studies 
  5. What was the significance of African Americans in the revolution? 
  6. Was World War II helpful in alleviating the effects of the Great Depression? 
  7. Discuss the significance of the American victory at the Battle of the Great Bridge. 

US history research paper topics

  1. The Great Depression was a period of economic hardship. 
  2. The Conquistadors and the Effects of Spanish Rule in the Americas 
  3. Did Parliament have the authority to regulate colonial trade? 
  4. What was the role of American nationalism in the Civil War? 
  5. The Middle Passage and the genesis of slavery in British America
  6. The influence of the Monroe theory on US foreign policy 
  7. Causes and Consequences of the Great Northward Migration 

World History Research Paper topics

  1. The emergence and evolution of urban states during the Middle Ages 
  2. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. 
  3. Is it true that the most contentious topic in the constitution is inscribed in the document? 
  4. The world’s most powerful kings in the eighteenth century 
  5. Feudalism’s Rise and Fall in Europe 
  6. The Huns’ First European Invasion 
  7. What triggered World War I?

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How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for a Research Paper Thu, 28 Apr 2022 10:18:36 +0000 Continue reading]]> Top Tips For Writing A Research Paper Conclusion A research paper comprises of several parts that include an introduction, the body, and conclusion. The intro and body are essential in expounding on the paper contents. A research paper conclusion, on the other hand, revolves around the findings of your study. If you intend to write an effective conclusion, take a look at this text for more information.

The components of a good conclusion

A good conclusion comprises of three major parts namely:

  • The thesis statement – when you are looking at how to write a conclusion for a research paper, restating the thesis statement is essential. This reminds the reader what the paper is all about, especially since you will be providing recommendations. It becomes easier to make the connection between the other parts of the paper and the summary.
  • The findings you observed throughout the research period – during the research period, you will interact with various kinds of analysis options that include qualitative and quantitative research methods. The data you obtain will have to be analyzed and then relayed in a manner that other readers can understand. When thinking how to write a conclusion for a research paper put the research methodology findings into consideration. While you cannot write the entire deductions in the conclusion, you can write a few sentences to support your main argument.
  • The recommendations – you should give recommendations based on the findings you make in your research. How to write a conclusion paragraph for a research paper should not take too much time considering that you are summarizing the main ideas. The recommendations are the consequences of what the research subjects may have to endure if they go against the findings or if they adhere to them. As is the case with the other conclusory paragraphs, the recommendations should be written in brief considering that you will have covered this section entirely in the body. One or two paragraphs of this information will suffice.
  • Call to action – this section is essential in papers that address scientific studies. For instance, when you write a paper on the effects of unhealthy eating habits, you have to provide points that will lure the reader to change their eating habits.

One thing that is essential to note when selecting how to end term paper is the use of transition words. They come in handy when you want to move from one point to the next without having to begin a new sentence. These words can be used to compare, show purpose, highlight the effects, give examples, or sum up the paper completely.

Excellent conclusion for research paper

When thinking of how to write a conclusion in a research paper, be sure to write information that is easy to digest. This is not the time to unleash some of those difficult terms that will have the reader going back to the list of terms to find the meaning of the words. Additionally, aim to synchronize the entire paper contents rather than just provide a summary of the details. Let there be an undeniable flow of information throughout the paper that spills over to the conclusion. One way to achieve this is linking your conclusion to the summary. For instance, you can provide a question at the beginning of the paper then state it at the end in the conclusion. Rather than just stating the question, give an answer to it that will sum up your paper in a few words. At times, you can have a paper that addresses more than one way to solve the problem at hand. In the conclusion, choose one of these that seems to be the most logical option and include in the research paper conclusion.

Research paper conclusion help

Writing a term paper can be a strenuous task. The first bits of the paper may not be as tough considering that you may not be restricted to the number of pages or information to include in them. However, the conclusion offers limited options considering that you only have to state a few things, especially the most important ones. This can prove to be difficult especially if it is your first time writing a research term paper conclusion. Instead of working on the task on your own and struggling to complete it, ask your fellow students who have experience in the area to give you pointers of how to write a conclusion for a research paper. Also, you can decide to search for assistance from more experienced individuals who are well-versed in the research sector. All you need to provide is the essential information that will guide the writer then indicate the deadline and allow the writer to work on your paper. Searching for the right keywords like finish term paper will provide the best option in regards to online writing services.

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Guide on How to Write the Results Section of a Research Paper Thu, 14 Apr 2022 12:21:34 +0000 Continue reading]]> The results section of a research paper is perhaps the most important section of a research paper. This section objectively reports your findings, helping your reader to gauge the validity of your argument. 

The results section thus validates the information you intend to add to the collective knowledge and thus gives bearing to your discussion. Unfortunately, the results section can prove challenging owing to its difference from other chapters. 

This article will guide you on how to write the results section of a research paper, and highlight various tips for acing the results section. 

What does the results section of a research paper include?

The results section of your paper should include a short introductory context that highlights the research question, laying a basis for the analysis of your results. This chapter should also report on the data collection methods, and highlight the procedure/criteria by which the participants were recruited.

Results may be presented in various methods, including but not limited to, graphs, maps, tables, and short discussions. The visual elements in the results section should be numbered properly and numbered for easy identification in the table of content. 

This chapter also includes an analysis of your data in short, concise paragraphs. The results should be reported as they are, without a bias towards the data that supports your point of view. 

How to write the results section

  1. Consult similar studies to analyze how the results were reported in their work
  2. Gauge your results as per the requirements of your instructions and catalog your results according to the research question they address.
  3. Prepare visual aids that summarize your results in a manner that a reader can analyze easily.
  4. Compile your results and gauge them for various errors.

How long is the results section of a research paper?

The results section should take up no more than 15% of your paper. This converts to 1500 words for a paper with a 15000-word count limitation and fifteen pages in 100 pages of a research paper.

Note that calculations and additional data behind your results should be included in the appendix section.

Tips for writing a results section

  1. Avoid including the minutia of your research data in the results as this may result in needless repetition and push your results section past its prescribed word count.
  2. Avoid restating information that has already been covered in the preceding sections of your research paper.
  3. Ensure that your results cover each aspect that was tested for in the methods section of your paper. 
  4. Do not discuss your results in this chapter, instead, delve into discussion within the body/ discussion chapter.
  5. Always edit your figures to ensure that they properly reflect the findings yielded by your study. 
  6. At the start of your results chapter, cover information regarding the flow of participants at each stage and indicate whether any data was excluded from the final analysis.
  7. Ensure that the results section provides enough data to justify your conclusions and claims
  8. Do not indicate cause-effect relationships between your results and conclusions. i.e. avoid writing, this proves that… It’s better to analyze each probable conclusion and lead your leaders to your preferred conclusion. 
  9. Include a short narration after integrating various visual aids into your results. 
  10. Always report your results in the past tense as they refer to a process that was already performed.

Results section APA

Many institutions recommend that the results section be written in the APA format. When writing your results in APA, you should highlight:

  • The flow of participants and the enrolment duration.
  • Any limitations that deterred you from investigating various parameters of your research
  • The descriptive statistics regarding your study group
  • Inferential statistics relating to your research

Final take

Writing a research paper often proves a challenging task for students. We hope that this guide has helped you manage your paper and properly report your findings. Feel free to consult our experts for custom research paper help and a relevant example results section of a research paper. 

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What Is a Term Paper? Academic Writing Manual Thu, 14 Apr 2022 12:20:43 +0000 Continue reading]]> “What is a term paper?” This is the query that lingers in the minds of newbies who join universities or colleges. A college term paper is the final original document each student comes up with at the end of the term. University students have to contend with term papers once they enroll for their bachelor’s degrees. Depending on the number of units you select per semester, you may have to work on several term papers at a given time.

Term Paper vs. Research Paper

During your learning period, you will encounter these two terms. And while they both require some level of research, there is a significant difference between the two. In case you are speculating, “What is the difference between a term paper and a research paper, here you go.

  • Term paper

It is done every term by all students to ascertain that they have grasped certain concepts in their semester units. Students can handle more than one term paper every semester since they do not require in-depth research. The scope of work is limited, and you are only allowed to write a few pages of the task. As such, you can only use a few books and journals.

  • Research paper

When it comes to research papers, the lecturer can assign you one any time. And the deadline is never pegged to the end of a term. A research paper is much longer and dense in regards to research methodologies. A lot of time, effort, and resources are dedicated to completing this document. This paper has more sections to it, such as the introduction, literature review, the methodology used, recommendations, a conclusion, appendix, as well as a reference section.

In a nutshell, the length, research methods, and time spent in the research are the main differences in the two literature documents.

How do you write a term paper?

Writing a term paper is an easy task. You only require a term paper outline then begin researching on your topic. Here are the most key components of a final paper, which you need to have before starting to work on your essay.

  • An introduction
  • The term paper body
  • Conclusion
  • References

You need to elaborate on each of these subsections for you to come up with a complete paper. Take time to aspects required when it comes to learning how to write a term paper. Looking through your school’s library will give you a variety of options to peruse through for this purpose. For you to achieve success in writing a term paper, the following process should be followed.

  1. Select a topic – you can choose one that suits your preferences as long as it resonates with what you have learnt within the semester. Narrow down to an achievable scope to reduce the amount of work you will have to endure.
  2. Find research material – make use of journals, textbooks, magazines, and other academic literature to source for information for the term paper.
  3. Draft an outline – make a term paper format to guide your writing process. Take a look at a written paper example to familiarize yourself with this writing niche.
  4. Chose your information – read through the books then pick what you deem to be useful. Ensure that you have a term paper sample with you to guide you if you are new to scholarly writing.
  5. Write the proposal draft – your lecturer has to approve your task, so you need to write a term paper abstract for reviewing. For more information on this, search for “what is a term paper abstract” to get more details.
  6. Write the paper – after approval, you can begin writing the essay. In case this task proves to be hard, look for competent helpers to aid you in writing.
  7. Review and add the cover page – you have to submit an error-free paper if you want to score significant marks. Use grammar checkers for this segment. Finally, include the cover page for identification purposes.

Anyone who requires a deeper understanding of “what is a term paper”, should scroll through several books and journals that elaborate more on this topic. Also, make friends with older students who will help you settle into writing term papers quickly.


The internet is not short of free term papers topics that you can choose from. Just modify the idea to come up with a unique topic. Ensure that you know what a term paper definition is to avoid doing the wrong work. More so, get acquainted with how to start a term paper to make the process smooth. Take time to research on the topic so you can come up with top-notch content. And in case you get caught up in events, do not stress yourself. Term papers online writers are ready to begin your task immediately. You only have to give the authorization, and they will be on it.

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